Why I Need A Kidney


A few years ago, I was diagnosed with polycystic kidney disease (PKD) a genetic anomaly. At first, I had few symptoms. Sadly, that soon changed and as of today’s writing I am in End-Stage kidney failure.

In January 2016, I was placed on the national waiting list to receive a kidney donation from a deceased donor. But because of the long wait (6 – 8 years) and a fast decline in my kidney function, doctors do not expect me to be well enough when my turn arrives. Therefore, my best—and perhaps only—chance for survival is to get a kidney from a living donor.

I am incredibly thankful for any help you can give. It’s hard to ask for such a big thing, but you never know how the Universe will make this miracle happen.

Here is howhttps://kidneyfortravis.wordpress.com/how-to

With much gratitude,

Travis Masch

Below is what some of my friends and family would like you to know about me:

Travis, my neighbor, is not Mr. Rogers, yet the two men are indeed similar. You see, Mr. Rogers showed compassion to all and tremendous grace and generosity of spirit. Travis does too. He treats all creatures great and small with dignity and kindness. – Phil van Eyck, neighbor

I have never met a better father, calmly providing love, support and structure while allowing his son, Lucas, to be uniquely himself. – Lana Taylor, longtime friend

For me, it’s difficult to come up with any reason besides that he’s my dad. If I were to narrow it down, I would just say that he hasn’t yet experienced and given all he has to experience and give.” – Lucas Masch, son (19 years old)

Travis & Son
At Lucas’ high school graduation

“Travis’s commitment to living a spiritual life shows in his calm, gentle demeanor. But he also brings gusto, joy and humor to everything he loves, whether it’s snuggling with dogs, traveling, playing mini-golf or spending time in nature.  – Lynn Hinck, fiancée

Travis and his sweetheart Lynn
Travis and his sweetheart Lynn

“As the publisher at Parallax Press, Travis helped to create an awareness of the beautiful teachings of Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh. He also helped launch the writing career of several authors and gave writers in the field of mindfulness a caring and supporting publishing home.”– Jerry Braza, Ph.D., teacher and author


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